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The Undead Art of the Self-named “Moriarty of Gore”

Hello Ghouls and Boils,

Today we bring you a review by Guest Minion David Naughton-Shires on the twisted art of Lee Hartnup (my apologies to Mr. Hartnup for the lengthy wait on this review). Lee has an interesting and unique vision. Plus, anyone who creates art inspired by Vincent Price is ok in my book!

Two quick tips for Lee: I think it would be a great idea to put some information on how your created your pieces. It would really add to the site! Also — consider making “pages” on WordPress for easier navigation.

I think that Lee is a very talented man. He has done some amazing work and his site is well worth looking at, despite its minor hiccups. But I will let David tell  you all about it. Enjoy, my fiends!

Sarah L. Covert

In the days and weeks after a Zombie apocalypse many of us will want to know what has happened to our loved ones, separated by time and distance we will need to know if our missing family and friends are lying dead beside a road of walking ‘Undead’, roaming from street to street and town to town in search of their next victims.

Those of us not lucky enough to find and bury our missing loved ones could well require the service of men and women such as Mr. Lee Hartnup.

In his young adult novel Rot & Ruin author Jonathan Maberry gives a name to people who can help in this situation he calls them ‘Erosion Artists’.

An ‘Erosion Artist’ will request a picture of your loved one and from it creates an image of what they may look like as a member of the growing hoards of the Undead.

I met Lee about 18 months ago during a Skype conversation, I say met but we have never actually been in the same room together. When I met him Lee was spending time on his hobby of creating ‘horror art’; art that encompassed illustration, photo manipulation, sculpting and video editing. I want to make it clear from the outset I would consider Lee a friend probably falling into that category that if we ever met we’d have a pint or two but I probably wouldn’t give him my first born child.
When I first saw Lees work I liked it but it didn’t really jump out at me as being anything too amazing.

Now hold on don’t stop reading there, I said when I FIRST saw his work.

His work was good, a lot better than some you see out there, but his zombie images seemed to have just a bit too much blood (I know the idea of a zombie picture with too much blood is strange but take a look at some of his earlier stuff) but 18 months later Lee seems to have made a pack with the devil as his work looks to have improved in leaps and bounds. His images no longer look like he is playing in Photoshop they look like he is now serious about it, they have gone from being something a friend would do for you for fun (albeit to a high standard) to artwork that could be used by major studios to design Zombie make up.

He has created ‘Erosion’ versions of many of our most popular genre icons both old and new turning his skill to zombify them and create works of art. I could add lots more images to this review but the best thing to do is head on over to his blog and see for yourselves.

But his art doesn’t stop there, there is no doubt in my mind of Lee’s skill with Photoshop, but he is pretty darn good with a pencil as well and his work with clay is great. In the two images below we can see the caricatured versions of the horror great Mr Vincent Price and I am sure you will agree they rawk.

He is able to mold both clay and wax into mini masterpieces that any genre fan would be happy to have sitting on their shelf staring down at them. These small sculptures fit in the palm of your hand but contain great detail.

I know this reads like a fan review and to a point it is but there are some failings as well, I found Lee’s site really hard to navigate with little or no direction for you to follow, and the only saving grace of the lack of design was the fact you can really see his work clearly.

But wait, once I did manage to have a dig around the site found that not only is he a visual artist but upon finding a group of posts called ‘Goatboy Tails’ and was surprised at the fact Lee is also pretty darn good at writing.

I have to declare I’m not a fan of his mini movies and really am not too comfortable when looking at his zombified kid pictures but I know I will keep his blog bookmarked and check back on a regular basis to have a look at his newest creations and find out what is happening in the world of the Goatboy.

Final Thoughts:
So finally what can I say about the site in a short paragraph, unfortunately the design of the site is lacking and really doesn’t make you want to stay but if you do you’ll be very happy, you’ll be able to see the development and constantly improving skills of one of the best Erosion Artists out there, and that will probably lead to more than one or two nightmares.

All that remains is to give it a score out of 5 but for my first review I am going to be a bit different. I am going to split my scoring into two categories.

The first is the overall design of the site including looks and ease of navigation and sorry to say I am only giving a 2.5 out of 5 but for the content I will give a roaring 4.5 out of 5, and the only reason I’m not giving full marks is what will he have to aim for if I do!

David Naughton-Shires/Guest Minion (Reviewer)

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